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Entering the Vietnamese financial market and listing on overseas stock market

JP Law Firm Vietnam is performing legal task related to financial, securities and capital market in Vietnam based on its experience in finance sector of Korea. We have interested in various financial tasks including the establishment of a joint venture securities company, the acquisition of a stake of Vietnamese securities company, IPO of a Vietnamese company. We provide differentiated advice from other law firms through exchanges with local financial companies.
In order to minimize the legal risks that may arise when entering the Vietnamese financial market, JP Law Firm Vietnam has been actively seeking to find the most appropriate investment structure and methods, paying attention to local laws, regulations, and policies related authorities such as the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV), and State Securities Commission(SSC).
JP Law Firm Vietnam provides extensive legal advice on establishing a business structure linking funds to real estate investment, acquiring various licenses, and acquiring land use rights and collateral, based on the experience related to the investment of real estate funds in Vietnam. In addition, we have advised them on enter Korean stock market by jointly holding several public presentations about IPO with the Korea Stock Exchange (KRX) for Vietnamese companies to enter the Korean stock market.

  • Advised on acquisition of a Vietnamese securities company by a Korean brokerage firm
  • Performed Due diligence on Vietnamese local securities company for Korean securities company
  • Advised on Vietnamese real estate funds to Korean securities companies
  • Performed Due diligence on taking over Vietnam Finance company for Korean financial company.
  • Advised on listing to KOSDAQ of Korean manufacturing corporation, etc.

Project Financing(PF)

JP Law Firm Vietnam, based on its experience in project financing in Korea, accurately awares key points of related task and is doing its best for smooth business progress of clients. In addition to basic advice, such as preparing and reviewing loan contracts for project financing, we are providing satisfactory advice from the perspective of investors, reaching from the acquisition and registration of relevant collateral, debt taking over to other subsidiary advices.

  • Advised on Project Financing in Vietnam by Korean developer
  • Advised on Korean Bank's Registration of local equity collateral in Vietnam
  • Advised Many of the Korean securities firms' on registration of local equity collateral in Vietnam