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Sports and entertainment

Sports and entertainment

JP Law Firm has been providing fast and efficient legal services to its customers based on his accumulated experience in the sports and entertainment sector since 1995. Lawyers granted to represent professional baseball players, which have been implemented since 2017, are able to provide legal services for training and management of players as well as contracts for players. The sports and entertainment group of JP Law Firm will continue to provide professional legal services for the establishment and operation of entertainment companies, associations and joint ventures, as well as contracts and disputes with celebrities, athletes and other entertainers.


  • Various contracts and related disputes, such as annual salary negotiation and advertising contracts of athletes.
  • Legal advice and contracts regarding competitors' FA and overseas advancement.
  • Consulting on Doping Regulations.
  • Dispute concerning the rights of a player, such as the right to portrait and the right to publication.
  • Setting up, registering, and licensing rights for various intellectual property rights related to athletes.
  • Related disputes of companies or associations that run sports, media businesses.


  • Consulting on the establishment and investment of an entertainment company.
  • Dispute over various contracts with entertainers and other entertainment workers.
  • Copyright management and related disputes in the broadcasting, music, film and performance industries.
  • Disputes concerning celebrity portrait rights, publication rights and defamation.
  • Setting up, registering, and licensing rights for various intellectual property rights related to celebrities.

    Major performance

  • Represented in Relevant lawsuits such as revocation of industrial agent service expiration of a singer A.
  • Advised on Investment of a number of entertainment companies such as Coco Entertainment.
  • Consulted on the Establishment of Korea Highway Corporation, Volleyball Firm, etc.
  • Litigation on opening of Gambling such as Sports Toto.
  • Represented in Lawsuit against the Unfair competition prevention Act, such as a sports goods vendor.