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Capital markets · finance

Funding is the most important part of running a business today, regardless of whether it is large or listed. JP Law Firm has organized a team made up with lawyers who have knowledge of the capital market and practical skills, and has been providing legal services including financial services, derivatives, stock issuance and listing, stock investment and asset management.

JP is an advisory law firm of many financial institutions, including banks and insurance companies, and is prepared to understand the difficulties of customers based on its experience in consulting and executing lawsuits regarding various business activities, including issuing securities.

  • Consultation on listing of companies.
  • Establish and advise on corporate funding strategies (such as capital increase, convertible bond, bond with warrant, etc.)
  • Advised and the authorization, registration and business conduct of financial investment companies and represented them in a lawsuit.
  • Advised SME start-up investment companies and represented them in a lawsuit
  • Consulting on planning asset securitization, legal analysis, issuance of ABS, MBS, etc.
  • Advised on the interpretation of laws and regulations and represented them in a lawsuit related to financial institutions such as the Act on Corporate Governance of Financial Companies, and Financial Investment Services and Capital Markets Act.


Based on years of experience advice and litigation with multiple insurance companies (non-life insurance companies and life insurance companies), insurance consumers, insurance collection agents. JP Law Firm has successfully advised related laws including insurance law and supervision regulations, interpretation of insurance policies and performed legal action related to claiming insurance.

Through its know-how accumulated so far, JP Law Firm has achieved satisfactory results for clients in disputes between insurance companies and insurance consumers, claim recourse amount between insurance companies, filing civil complaints regarding insurance accidents, and responses to supervisory agencies.

  • (life and non-life) Consultation on management, product development, asset management of insurance companies.
  • Advice on establishment, acquisition, merger, contract transfer, of insurance companies.
  • Consultation on interpretation of insurance related laws and insurance policies.
  • Consultation regarding supervision and inspection of insurance companies by insurance supervision authority.
  • Advised and filed lawsuits related to various claims payments
    (Compensation for damages due to automobile accidents, medical care, industrial accidents, damage caused by product liability, installation and management of public facilities, user liability, responsibility of occupant and owner of construction work, construction work and defects Etc)
  • Carry out civil affairs settlement and arbitration in case of insurance accidents.

Block Chain

Today, crypto currency and block-chain technologies such as Bitcoin have settled deep into our daily lives. The block chain industry started from the financial sector and expanded its domain to health, medical, distribution, logistics, shipping, e-commerce, and government procurement. Despite the variability of the market price, crypto currency is being activated spurred by ICO and others.
However, the development of domestic block chain industry and cryptocurrency transactions have been impeded by lack of related laws and government regulations, and conflicts between cryptocurrency exchanges and consumers have been increasing.

JP formed the Block Chain Task Force (TF) and prepared a statement of opinions on related revision for the Korean Block Chain Association and consulted on the Korea Block Chain Association's voluntary regulations. Based on this experience, JP is prepared to provide any legal services related to blockchain industry and crypto currency transactions.

  • Consultation on statutes revision related to blockchain industry and advice on interpretation of laws.
  • Legal advice on regarding development of blockchain technology.
  • Consultation on Initial coin offering (ICO)
  • Civil and criminal lawsuits for disputes related to the transaction of crypto currency