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Family issue · Inheritance · Succession

Family issue

With the change in modern family relations, the pursuit of practical equality between men and women, and the globalization of family issues, the Family issue sector should be more responsive to social changes than any other field. JP Law Firm will delicately understand the feelings of the client who is suffering from family problems and help the client's family reconstruction, as a close and professional partner of a client.

  • Divorce and division of property.
  • Appointment and modification of a fosterer and person who is able to execute of parental rights.
  • Adoption and dissolution of adoption.
  • Confirmation and recognition of a biological parental relation.
  • Appointment guardian of the incompetent and quasi incompetence.
  • Change of name and registration of family relationships.

Inheritance · Succession

The problems related to inheritance can happen to anyone and usually come in unexpected forms. All possible variables must be considered thoroughly and prepared with an expert to prevent any dispute regarding inheritance. JP Law Firm commits to provide practical assistance to the client, from the stage of planning the inheritance to the stage of the dispute and response to the proceedings, as a loyal partner of a client.

In particular, the issue of succession of family business has become big in these days, and the succession of family business should go beyond a flat interpretation of legal principles related to inheritance, into stereoscopic consideration about the position and will of the heirs and ancestors related to the maintenance and preservation of the family business. In this regard, JP Law Firm will provide satisfactory service to clients based on accumulated know-how.

  • Will.
  • Family business succession.
  • Division of inherited property.
  • Dispute about a reserve.