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construction and real estate

Based on years of consulting with real estate developers, JP Law Firm provides advice on real estate development related to real estate trust, national land planning and urban development. JP has a system to provide one-stop services to those who seeking real estate development from a lawsuit on real estate sales, inheritance, auction, expropriation, redevelopment and reconstruction, to establishment of real estate development strategies, preparation and participation in various contracts, selection and purchase of sites, involvement in project financing, selection of construction companies, task on real estate trust and sales.

  • Consultation and litigation on real estate development.
  • Advice and lawsuits regarding real estate acquisition, PF ABS, PF ABCP, PFV, and etc.
  • Advice and lawsuits regarding real estate funds, such as REITs and real estate trusts, in and out of the country.
  • Advice and litigation regarding Private investment into infrastructure.
  • Consultation and litigation concerning real estate disposal.
  • Consultation and litigation concerning redevelopment and reconstruction projects.
  • Consultation and litigation regarding construction-related payment, defects, delayed compensation, guarantees and infringement of environmental rights.
  • Consultation on various international contracts related to the development of overseas real estate (Vietnam, Mongolia, etc.), and project financing.