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Corporate Law

Do you have a wide range of legal needs but don't have an in-house lawyer yet? Based on 20 years of experience, JP provides prompt and efficient legal services to domestic and foreign corporate clients.
As if an in-house lawyer of only for client, we commit to provide client with qualified legal services only for client through profound understanding of client’s business.

  • Advising on the management of the company, such as establishment, reorganization, matters concerning dissolution/liquidation, and the preparation for general meeting of shareholder and Board of Directors, and preparation and modification of Charter.
  • Advising on the corporate governance structure, such as acquisition/disposal of stocks, selection/retirement of executives, and the right of management.
  • Providing Compliance-related legal advice, such as compliance monitoring and anti-corruption.
  • Providing Civil and criminal legal advice on management rights disputes.
  • Advising on the preparation and review of various domestic and international contracts regarding the operations and sales of the company.


JP Law Firm provides comprehensive legal services about various related issues that may arise during the corporate restructuring process and M&A, following the overall procedures from the strategic and planning stages, corporate due diligence, negotiation, contract preparation and signing, to post-management.

  • Examination on the Necessity of M&A according to the Corporate due diligence.
  • Provision M&A plans that take into account the specific nature of the company in relation to mergers, acquisitions of stocks, transfer of business, acquisition of assets/liabilities, and division of business.
  • Legal interpretation and advice of various laws related to M&A procedures, including corporate law, the securities and Exchange Act, Monopoly Regulation and fair trade Act, taxation law, labor law, financial law.
  • Preparation of investment proposals, MOUs and contracts and participation in negotiation.
  • Determination of the need for government approval and application for approval.

    - Establishment of financing plans for M&A and drawing up contracts accordingly.
    - Various tasks related to the execution and termination of the contract.

Intellectual Property

In a knowledge-based society, Intellectual property rights are not only the core asset of the company, but also the value of the company itself to startups and new firm.
JP Law Firm has been building up trust with clients by providing legal services promptly and accurately throughout whole process, including the acquisition and management of Intellectual Property rights such as patents, utility model right, trademarks and copyrights, and legal response to infringement.

  • Preparation and review of various contracts related to intellectual property, such as contracts for technology transfer/execution, contracts for use of trademarks, and contracts for setting up copyright permission/transfer/publishing rights.
  • Analysis of copyright infringement and related advice.
  • Patent, a utility model, trademark, design registration application and management.
  • Litigation on Patent, trademark, design, copyright infringement (disposal) and claim for damages.
  • Advice and litigation concerning unfair competition and protection of trade secrets.


As the government's environmental regulations are becoming increasingly complicated, environmental issues are now a major variable, not a dependent variable. And environmental disputes often affect even survival of businesses.
JP Law Firm has been conducting legal counseling and litigation on all aspects of environmental issues, including responding to environmental regulations and disputes, while enhancing corporate image and management performance through eco-friendly corporate management.

  • Interpretation and consultation on environmental regulation
  • Handling Process of environmental disputes
  • Performing individual environmental litigation

Corporate rehabilitation / bankruptcy

JP Law Firm provides legal services that cover the overall before/after management about the company's risk of bankruptcy, including participation in bankruptcy and corporate reorganization procedures, acting corporate restructuring, financial analysis, and advance inspection of bankruptcy risks.

  • Acting tasks of Bankruptcy, Corporate rehabilitation.
  • Acting task of Corporate Restructuring.
  • Resolving various disputes related to bankruptcy and restructuring.
  • Legal advice on financial analysis and bankruptcy risk warning.

Startup Center

Starting from consulting on the establishment procedure for startup companies, JP Law Firm has launched a startup center to provide legal services for each startup company, including reviewing contracts on the development phase of startup companies, advice on M&A, services to protect the startup's intellectual property rights and prevent related disputes, and legal advice to payback investment funds.

Based on 20 years of corporate consulting experience, JP commits to facilitate for start-up clients to enter and expand their business into overseas market.